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Retractable Pool Covers

Pool covers are a necessity today and actually pay for themselves in about 2.5 to 3 years. A Pool cover can even pay for your pool in 10 to 15 years, depending on your area. A automatic pool cover provides you and your family with Safety, Energy Conservation, Water Evaporation Elimination and Green benefits, and can easily be integrated into your design with just a little pre-planning and coordination with Prince Pools.

Adding a automatic swimming pool cover does not detract from the elegance of your pool design…it enhances it! Remember…pool covers are usually closed WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE, that’s where the true benefit comes in. When you are enjoying your pool…simply open it, and let it slide easily out of the way.

Your pool, yard, and landscaping are there to be your oasis and your escape is there to make life a little easier, help protect you and your family, save you some money and help you go green…while you are not there.

Prince Pools offers a wide variety of automatic and manual pool cover products for all shapes, sizes, and types of swimming pools and spas. The pool covers are made with premium material that keeps your family safe and your pool protected. Each pool cover products is available in a variety of colors and functions to meet the functionality and aesthetic needs of your pool.

We can cover any type, shape, or size of pool with pool cover products that keep your pool area looking beautiful. You can achieve maximum safety for your pool area and significant energy savings. We can show you the benefits of using our premium pool cover products.

Our Pool Covers Meet And Exceed Standard City & State Safety Requirements
We Are The Authorized Dealer & Installer In The Area

Free-form shape adds personality to a pool – and used to complicate the application of an automatic cover. Thanks to innovative technology developed by Pool Cover Specialists®, free-form pools pose no design limit for Pool Cover Specialists® automatic covers. This photo demonstrates one of many solutions. 

The solution: The INFINITY 4000™ with a “recessed under track” system and what we call a “Deck-on-deck” design. The “Deck-on-deck” design is where the pool cover track is on an upper deck, and the pool wall resides below that upper deck.

A “recessed under track” system is where the motor resides below the pool decking or below ground, hiding the drive mechanism, providing an aesthetically pleasing pool. You can add a Pool Cover into your design.


Would You heat Your House
without a roof?

You can save an average 60% to 80% on gas, electricity, chemicals & water by using a pool cover. That's a potential $1,500 to $4,000 per year that stays in your pocket.

We have everything you need for your pool and spa, with knowledgeable people
to guide you in making your selection. We can help you with whatever you need.
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